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Welcome to Bear and Bug Learning

Learning Resources, Strategies, and Tips for the Early Elementary Classroom

Hi! Welcome to Bear and Bug Learning. We are here to help early elementary teachers engage their youngest learners by sharing our favorite tips, strategies and resources for engaging, hands-on learning everyday.

​You're in the right place if you are looking for:

  • Engaging math and literacy centers for primary learners

  • Hands on activities to keep your students busy (so you can teach small groups)

  • Early literacy strategies

  • Information and tips on integrating The Science of Reading practice into your classroom


We specialize in all things that support the primary classroom.​

My name is Valerie.  I am a primary teacher at heat who loves creating lessons, teaching literacy, and talking all things teaching.  After over a decade in the classroom, I starting using my passion for lesson design and helping teachers to establish Bear and Bug Learning: a place designed to support learning in the primary classroom with exciting, hands-on lessons, resources, and tips to support today's busy teachers.​


I have spent over a decade teaching kindergarten to 2nd grade- and I LOVE primary teaching.  I love the foundation for school and learning we get to set as primary teachers.  I currently work as a primary literacy interventionist.  I am equally passionate about literacy, the Science of Reading, and structured literacy.  I am eager to help teachers transition their literacy blocks to align with structured literacy so that ALL kids are growing in literacy.

Early in my career, I fell in love with lesson and resource design.  I realized my students needed more opportunities to master skills and standards than our district approved boxed curriculum provided.  I quickly began designing learning centers, and I haven't looked back.  


​When I am not teaching or designing resources, I can be found spending time with my family.  I have a son (our bear) and a daughter (our little bug), who inspire my business.  I am also passionate about fitness and health, travel, and enjoying each day and every day.

I am so excited to have you join the Bear and Bug community!


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