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Welcome to Bear and Bug Learning

K-2 Literacy | Math | Classroom Management

Hi! I'm Valerie- an interventionist and teacher-author.  I specialize in teaching K-2 students and supporting K-2 teachers with literacy, math, and daily classroom life.  I have been in education for over a decade and have learned so much about what both students and teachers need to be successful.   I believe every student can learn- they just need the right support and resources.  I also believe that teachers want (and deserve access) to the best resources to help their students achieve.  AND, from my own experience, I know that finding quality resources can be tricky. 

Early in my career, I fell in love with lesson and resource design.  It wasn't something I had ever planned on doing as a teacher, but I quickly realized my students needed more opportunities to master skills and standards than our district approved boxed curriculum provided.  I quickly began designing learning centers, games, and lessons to bridge this gap... almost 15 years later  I haven't looked back.  

Now, I love supporting teachers by sharing my tips, tricks, ideas, and resources.  I hope that while you are here, you can find something that will support your students in their learning, and support you in your teaching journey. 

​When I am not teaching or designing resources, I can be found spending time with my family.  I have a son (our bear) and a daughter (our little bug), who inspire my business.  I am also passionate about fitness and health, travel, and enjoying each day and every day.

I am so excited to have you join the Bear and Bug community!


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